Horse owners have several concerns when it comes to transporting their horses. The following items will help address the most commonly asked questions. If you have further questions please call the office nearest you.
Do you ship in my area?

With offices located in California, Washington, Kentucky, and Florida, most routes can be accommodated in a timely manner.  Please call the office nearest you for additional information.

What paperwork will I need to ship my horse?  

A current health certificate and coggins from your veterinarian is required at the time of pick up.

Should I wrap my horses legs?  

Wrapping your horse's legs is your decision. However, if the wraps become loose, our drivers will remove them and not reapply them. Velcro boots can be reapplied, if necessary. We recommend that you acclimate your horse to the boots prior to shipping. We do not recommend tail wraps or helmets.

  Where will my horses stay en-route?

Most cross country trips have scheduled layovers. These layovers are at facilities that are used on a regular basis. The horses are monitored throughout their stay. The layovers  normally use a 12' x 12' box stall for each horse. Veterinarians are on call at these locations.

Can I check on my horse while en-route?  

You can call the office handling your shipment during business hours and check on your horse. Our drivers and dispatchers communicate on a regular basis through our satellite tracking system. 

Will you take my tack, too?  

A reasonable amount of tack may be shipped with your horse at no extra charge. Use suitable containers that are clearly marked with your name and phone number.

What will my horse eat?  

We provide alfalfa hay which is permitted in all states. If your horse is on a special diet we will feed what you provide, although grain is not recommended. Drivers stop every 4-6 hours to hand water the horses. We are not equipped to feed hot mash.

  How do I pay for the shipment?

We accept Visa or Master Card prior to shipment or certified funds upon pick up or delivery.

  How do I schedule the transportation?

Call the toll free number of the office nearest you to get specifics in regards to scheduling. Ten to fourteen days notice is preferred, but often a shipment can be accommodated on shorter notice.

  How large is the stall my horse will travel in?


In most cases, horses are shipped in a stall and a half, which is approximately 4' x 9'. The horse stands cross-tied and with a chest bar. Our trailers  also accommodate box stalls. A box stall is approximately 8' x 9', completely enclosed, and the horse can be loose. Box stalls are used for mares with foals, and recommended for stallions. Floors are rubber and bedded with straw.

What kind of van will my horse ride in?

Most out of state shipments are made in a semi tractor trailer with air ride suspension and two drivers.

Some local shipments or inaccessible pick ups and deliveries are done in smaller equipment.

Accessibility to your pick up and delivery with a 65 foot semi should be clarified at the time your order is placed.

  What type of insurance will my
horse have?
  As an ICC regulated carrier, $2,000.00 mortality insurance is provided for each horse. Additional insurance, if needed, is available through private insurance agents. Our office can provide you with a capable broker's telephone number.
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